Marketing Materials

Are you putting off having your new business’s logo and marketing materials professionally designed until after you get off the ground or land your first clients? If so, you’re making a big mistake. Starting your business without marketing materials and a professional logo puts your small company at a big disadvantage compared to the competition. Many entrepreneurs try to save money by designing their own marketing materials such as business cards and logo using clip art images that do not stand out in today's competitive market place. If you start out with a “do-it-yourself” logo and marketing materials today, then switch to a new look a few months later when you can afford professional design services, you’ll confuse clients and prospects. They’ll wonder, “Is this the same business? Did the store change owners?” Changing your logo and “look” too often can give the appearance of a business that can’t make up its mind. Your business will look amateurish.

Your web presence, logo, and marketing materials should have a unified look and feel. Branding your identity will get your business recognized. Your social media presence on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google should be quickly identified by your clients and potential customers.

We design professional logos at an affordable cost. You will also receive your logo as camera ready artwork in multiple formats that will be print ready for promotional products such as shirts, signage, vehicle wraps, billboards, and much more. 

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Marketing Materials